EISENVIT ® Tonic. meets daily iron requirement


meets daily iron requirement

DRAPAL EISENVIT is a food supplement containing iron, vitamin C and B-vitamins. 
Contains no alcohol.


The DRAPAL Factor

  • Naturally bonded Iron(II) Gluconate
  • Contains several vitamins
  • Sufficient for several weeks
  • Non-alcoholic

Content & Nutrients

Without alcohol.

Ingredients (full declaration)

Pear juice, lemon juice, honey, cherry juice, blackcurrant juice, grape juice, blackberry juice, water, selection of spices (rose hip husks, chamomile blossoms, hops, rosemary, aniseed, fennel, juniper berries), ferrous gluconate, thickeners: locust bean gum, vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, C, and orange aroma.


Iron is important for the transportation of oxygen around the body and helps to combat fatigue. Vitamin C increases the intake of iron and contributes to a correctly functioning metabolism. Vitamin B12 facilitates the correct functioning of the nervous system and a good psychological balance.

Iron requirements

Can vary

The German, Austrian and Swiss recommendations for daily dosages of iron are:

  • Pregnancy 30mg (= 8 teaspoons of Eisenvit (40ml).
  • Breast feeding 20mg (= 5 teaspoons of Eisenvit (25ml).
  • Women post menopause and men 10 mg (= 3 teaspoons of Eisenvit (15ml).

Women and girls (10 year up) 15mg (= 4 teaspoons of Eisenvit (20ml).


Once opened, keep the bottle cooled and use within 30 days.


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